ASF Giving - FAQs

Your support creates the opportunity for students to fulfill their dreams! Not only are you investing in their education today, but you are expanding their options for a successful tomorrow.

Q: Where does the money go in ASF?

A: The School receives income from tuition and registration, bus service fees, summer camp fees and donations, among other sources. With the exception of donations, all of these sources of income go into the General Fund, which supports schoolwide operations such as compensation and fringe benefits, school materials, school transportation and many other costs.

Q: Why give?

A: We know how important The American School Foundation is to you and your children. You, as an alumnus or alumna, or your children as students are spending some of their most formative years here. They will meet some of their closest friends, or maybe even their spouse or partner, right here! Your children are expanding their minds and broadening their horizons here, acquiring critical thinking, getting to know people from all over the world and learning how to engage with people whose ideas were are different from their own. Here your children are learning how to craft an argument, how to dig deeper, how to push themselves, and how to constantly improve.

ASF is a special place and, with your help, we can continue to give that experience to the students of the present and the future. Your gift to the School will help to attract and keep world-class faculty and exceptional students, offer a rigorous and innovative curriculum, and promote an intellectual environment that encourages students to love learning, live purposefully and to become responsible, contributing citizens of the world.

Q: How can I cancel a Monthly Recurring Charge?

A: If you wish to cancel your monthly recurring donation, contact the Institutional Advancement office at or (52) +1 55 5227 4922

Q: What is the Endowment Fund?

A: The Endowment Fund for Financial Aid is a restricted fund, which was established in 1988 to provide financial aid to qualified ASF students. Currently it allows us to help 16% of our student body.

Financial Aid is awarded to deserving families who otherwise would be unable to afford an ASF education for their children. It is based on an application process and includes a complete socioeconomic study by a third-party agency. The Board has set the ambitious goal of increasing financial aid to 20% of the student body.

Q: How much can I give?

A: Every peso counts! It’s not the size of the contribution that matters; what matters is the outcome your giving produces. For donations above $120,000 MXN (approx $6,000 USD) please contact the Institutional Advancement office at or (52) +1 55 5227 4922

Q: Can I get a Tax-deductible receipt?

A: Tax-deductible receipts both in Mexico and the United States will be made out to the person or entity who made the donation by our online giving platform.

Q: Can I get an Invoice for my participation on the events?

A: Invoices will be made out to the person or entity who paid the event participation by our online giving platform.